Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure

 "Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure" specializes in collectible action figures in fabric tailored clothing, and related accessories, sized in 1/12th scale (approx. 6 inches tall).

From feature films to anime, from pop culture to classic icons, "Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figure" showcases influences and ideas from the East to the West, featuring characterisation across all media licenses and genres. The size and scale is "one-twelfth", but the genre represented is infinite.

Your beloved characters will manifest in the palm of your hands as a premium articulated collectible.

Without losing the minutiae and luxuries one looks for in the current landscape of the collecting hobby, Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figures will bring you the details and precision of the One-Sixth scaled hobby, into the One-Twelfth scale.

With a professional team specialising in producing hyper-real anatomical likeness, from stylized representations to dynamic-realism, from production to manufacturing - Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figures will delight and excite collectors with premium quality figures and accessories, comparable to the heightened expected standard of 1/6th, and beyond.

"Twelfth Scale Supreme Action Figures" aims to be the leading brand in the 1/12th-scale hobby. It is time to collect your Supreme-scaled dreams!

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